How to Use Your Smartphone to Monitor and Control a Smart Pet Feeder?

12 June 2024

In today's fast-paced world, technology steps in to make even pet care easier. As pet owners, you want the best for your furry companions. That’s where a smart pet feeder comes in. These devices allow you to monitor and control feeding times, portions, and schedules, all through a handy mobile app. This article will provide detailed instructions on how to use your smartphone to monitor and control a smart pet feeder effectively.

The Basics of a Smart Pet Feeder

Smart pet feeders have swiftly become a game-changer in the domain of pet care. These feeders offer automation and precision, ensuring that your pet receives meals on time, even when you are away. By integrating your smart pet feeder with a mobile app, you gain the ability to manage your pet's feeding schedule remotely.

Most smart feeders come with features like a camera, a food dispenser, and customizable feeding schedules. Brands like PetSafe and Geeni have models that offer additional bells and whistles such as real-time video monitoring and voice commands. For instance, a PetSafe Smart Feeder offers seamless integration with your smartphone, allowing you to dispense food, monitor feeding times, and even see your pet through a built-in camera.

To get started, you will need to set up the device, connect it to your home Wi-Fi, and download the corresponding mobile app. A reliable power supply is essential to ensure your feeder works without interruption.

Setting Up Your Smart Pet Feeder: Step-by-Step

Setting up your smart pet feeder is a straightforward process that requires minimal technological expertise. Follow these steps to ensure smooth operation:

  1. Unbox and Assemble: Start by unboxing your feeder and assembling any parts. Most feeders come with a stainless steel bowl, a hopper for storing food, and a lid to keep the food fresh.

  2. Connect to Power and Wi-Fi: Plug the feeder into a reliable power supply. This is crucial as intermittent power might disrupt your feeder’s schedule. Connect the feeder to your home Wi-Fi. Most feeders have indicators that guide you through this process.

  3. Download the Mobile App: Whether it’s Geeni, PetSafe, or another brand, download the designated app on your smartphone. These apps are available on both iOS and Android platforms.

  4. Sync the App with the Feeder: Open the app and follow on-screen instructions to sync it with your feeder. This often involves scanning a QR code on the feeder or entering its serial number.

  5. Set Up Feeding Schedule: One of the primary benefits of a smart pet feeder is the ability to customize your pet's feeding schedule. Use the app to set the times and portions for each meal. You can easily adjust this schedule if your pet’s needs change.

  6. Test the Feeder: Before relying on the feeder, conduct a few test runs to ensure food is dispensed correctly and the app notifications are functioning.

Monitoring and Controlling Your Smart Pet Feeder via the Mobile App

Once your smart pet feeder is set up, you can harness the power of your smartphone to monitor and control feeding. Here’s how to maximize the use of your mobile app:

Real-Time Monitoring and Notifications

  • Camera Access: Many feeders, such as those from PetSafe, come equipped with a camera. Access the camera feed via the app to check on your pet. This feature provides peace of mind, especially when you are away from home.
  • Notifications: Set up push notifications to alert you when food is dispensed or if there’s an issue like a low food supply. These real-time updates help you stay informed about your pet’s feeding schedule.

Customizable Feeding Schedules

  • Flexible Scheduling: The app allows you to customize feeding times to suit your pet's routine. Whether it's breakfast at dawn or dinner at dusk, you have complete control over the schedule.
  • Portion Control: Maintain your pet's health by controlling the portion size of each meal. This prevents overfeeding and helps manage weight.

Remote Control and Manual Feeding

  • Remote Dispensing: If you are running late or need to adjust the feeding time, use the app to dispense food remotely. This feature ensures that your pet never misses a meal.
  • Manual Feed Option: Sometimes, you may need to feed your pet outside the scheduled times. The manual feed option in the app lets you dispense food with just a tap.

Advanced Features to Enhance Your Pet’s Feeding Experience

Modern smart feeders come packed with advanced features that offer convenience and enhance your pet's feeding experience. Here’s a look at some of these features:

Voice Commands and Integration

  • Voice Commands: Some smart feeders can be integrated with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This allows you to feed your pet using voice commands, adding a layer of convenience.
  • Integration with Other Smart Devices: Feeder systems like Geeni can integrate with other smart home devices. This means you can create routines where lights turn on when your pet is fed, enhancing the overall smart home experience.

Advanced Camera Features

  • Two-Way Audio: Some feeders come with two-way audio, enabling you to talk to your pet through the app. This can be comforting for both you and your pet.
  • Night Vision: Feeders with night vision cameras allow you to monitor your pet even in low light conditions, ensuring their safety and comfort at all times.

Health Tracking and Analytics

  • Feeding History: Apps usually keep a log of feeding times and portions. This helps track your pet’s diet and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Weight Management: Some feeders can integrate with pet health apps to monitor your pet’s weight and recommend portion sizes accordingly.

Power Backup and Safety Features

  • Battery Backup: Look for feeders with battery backup to ensure feeding continues in case of a power outage.
  • Safety Mechanisms: Many feeders have safety features to prevent overdispensing or to alert you if there’s a malfunction.

Benefits of Using a Smart Pet Feeder

Utilizing a smart pet feeder offers numerous benefits to both you and your pet. Here’s why investing in this technology is worthwhile:


The primary advantage of a smart feeder is the convenience it offers. You can manage your pet’s feeding schedule without being physically present. This is particularly beneficial for busy professionals or frequent travelers.

Precision and Consistency

Smart feeders provide precise portion control and consistent feeding times, which is essential for maintaining your pet’s health. This is especially useful for pets on a strict diet or those with health issues.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you can monitor and control your pet’s feeding remotely gives you peace of mind. The camera feature adds an extra layer of security, allowing you to check on your pet anytime.

Enhanced Pet Care

Advanced features like health tracking and feeding history help you keep a closer eye on your pet’s diet and overall well-being. This ensures that your pet receives the best possible care.

Incorporating a smart pet feeder into your pet care routine revolutionizes the way you manage feeding schedules. With the ability to monitor and control feeding through a mobile app, you can ensure that your pet’s needs are met with precision and convenience. From setting up the device to exploring advanced features, smart feeders offer myriad benefits, including peace of mind, enhanced pet care, and ultimate convenience. Whether you own a dog or a cat, a smart feeder is a valuable investment that simplifies pet ownership and enhances your pet’s quality of life. Embrace this technology and enjoy the seamless integration of pet care into your modern lifestyle.

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